Welcome, I'm so happy you're here! 

My name is Shanna and I'm here to help empower you with the ultimate boudoir and pampering session!

I know that boudoir sessions can seem intimidating and it's absolutely normal to feel nervous. I promise you once you walk through that studio door, you will want to come back for another session. The nerves ware off and the fun begins. 

We will play your favorite music, provide you with your favorite and ideal beverage (this will help loosen you up), pamper you with hair and make-up and then we get to the good stuff, capturing YOU in a different light. 


I GUARENTEE confidence boosting and a comfortable photo session. We will have lot's of laughs, you will NEVER feel alone or lost. I help you pose, fix your hair and even show you sneak peeks along the way. 

It's important to my team and I that we help you overcome whatever insecurities you may have walked in with and ensure we embrace your beauty and true self during your shoot. 

What to expect before, during and after your shoot. 

Your ultimate boudoir experience and lifechanging event starts with a pre-consult either on the phone, through email or zoom/skype. We will discuss inspirations and other creative ideas for your ideal photoshoot.  We can discuss hair and make-up, wardrobe, fears and answer any questions you may have. I have a selection of wardrobe to choose from in my client closet but you are more than happy to bring your own pieces as well. You can send me photos of your ideal pieces if you'd like to purchase your own and I can give you my professional opinion if you need it. 


Finally, the big day!

 Your pampering session begins. You arrive at the studio, our glam squad will get started on your bombshell makeover while I set up for your dream shoot. At this time I will serve your preferred beverage and offer you snacks. 


My glam team and I will work together to create your dream session, I will give you professional direction on how to pose and bring out that inner-vixen and help shine light on your womanly confidence with sneak peeks throughout the session. 


Once the session is over we will have you get dressed and head on out. 

In just a few short weeks we will set up an image reveal day (this can be done over zoom/skype/in person) and you will forever hold that long-lasting effect of your newfound confidence. I can't wait to see your face over zoom (or in person) on your image reveal day!



Listen, I know all about losing the confidence I once had and wanting to feel sexy and confident again. I'm all about empowering women and allowing you to see yourself in a different light. Every woman deserves to be pampered, every woman deserves to feel sexy and love the body that YOU'RE IN RIGHT NOW!!! Not the body you "may have" in 6 months. No matter your age, color, or body type, BOUDOIR IS FOR EVERY WOMAN! I PROMISE you after this sessions, you'll thank me a thousand times over for helping you see the sexy in YOU, gain your confidence back and to help you stop comparing yourself to the photoshopped Instagram models. 



Ready to book?  

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Thank you so much for stopping by, I can't wait to meet you!


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